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The EU airline sweep: Status on enforcement activities

14. May 2009

Today the EU Commission takes stock of the latest results from the 2007 airline sweep. Many EU consumer authorities have participated in the sweep, including the Consumer Ombudsman in Denmark. Two more companies can now be added to the list of businesses that now comply with Danish legislation.

Two more airline companies now abide by Danish legislation, and have ceased to mislead national consumers with unclear pricing practices and terms of contract. This is the Danish part of the overall message that the EU Commission sends today with its publication of national results.

The EU Commission has compiled enforcement results from all sweep participants, thereby outlining the efforts that the Member States have carried out to make the airline business provide the right information to consumers first and foremost about prices and terms of contract on their websites.

Click here to access the EU Commission’s sweep website.

In July 2008 the Danish Consumer Ombudsman went public with the names of seven foreign airline companies which failed to inform correctly about prices and fees or terms of contract.

In the intervening months the Consumer Ombudsman has followed the investigation conducted by his European colleagues. The marketing practices of four companies are still being investigated while the three remaining companies – Seat24 and Brussels Airlines – now comply with Danish marketing law.

Background information about the Danish airline sweep participation

In 2007, 61 foreign websites were checked for irregularities regarding pricing and terms of contract.

The Consumer Ombudsman has regularly published information about the sweep

See the July 2008 press release concerning the names of infringing companies and the nature of the irregularities.

See the May 2008 press release concerning general EU results.


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