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Find below press releases that have previously been issued by the Consumer Ombudsman.



Gå til Spam Charges laid against Two Danish Companies

16. February 2005

On 20 October 2004 the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] laid an information against two Danish companies for their distribution of unsolicited commercial messages.

Gå til ICPEN Europe Fights Commercial Clairvoyants

21. December 2004

ICPEN Europe has now started a joint action against the activities of Maria Duval and all connected products and request the responsible companies in 9 countries to stop the misleading advertising immediately. Consumer agencies will also attempt to stop the violations through others who materially contribute to the marketing.

Gå til Best Practice in the Telecommunications Industry

21. December 2004

On 13 December 2004, the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] issued a guideline concerning best practise in the telecommunications industry. The guideline lays down the principles to be observed by business and trade in connection to price information, customer service and general purchase terms and conditions relating to telecom equipment and telephones.

Gå til DKK 400,000 for distributing advertising letters by fax/spam

22. April 2004

Today, the Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen rendered a decision on the cost of distributing somewhere between 7,650 and 15,300 advertising letters by fax without the recipient's consent. The fine amounted to DKK 400,000.

Gå til International Network Sweeps the Internet for Fast Money

12. April 2004

The crackdown on internet scams continues as the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network targets websites that are 'Too Good to be True' as part of the International Internet Sweep. Over the next three days 24 ICPEN consumer protection agencies will probe the internet to uncover shonky websites which mislead consumers.

Gå til Initiative to Secure Proper Trading and Marketing on the Internet

08. September 2003

The Nordic consumer ombudsmen together have made a number of recommendations as to how enterprises should behave when they market their products on the Internet.

Gå til International Database against Fraud on the Internet

08. September 2003

Internet trade can easily be carried through across the borders. However, a consumer who wants to complain about misconduct on the Internet has up till now encountered many difficulties in connection with complaining across the national border.

Gå til International Search of the Internet to Reveal Fraud

08. September 2003

October 16, 1997 Marketing authorities all over the World are searching the web to reveal illegal and unethical marketing procedures. The Danish Consumer Ombudsman is part of the team.

Gå til International Marketing Supervision Network (IMSN) and its Findings on Cross-border Remedies

08. September 2003

After discussions and exchanges of views at its October 2000 meeting, the International Marketing Supervision Network (IMSN), being an informal forum for marketing enforcers from 29 countries, concluded that there are several areas where the ability of IMSN members collectively to protect consumers and foster consumer confidence is limited.

Gå til Dutch Company Selling Bulbs in Denmark is Fined DKK 100,000

08. September 2003

March 17, 1997. Misleading and incorrect information, illegal competitions and collateral gifts have resulted in a fine of dkk. 100.000 to "Bakker Holland" a company selling bulbs.