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Find below press releases that have previously been issued by the Consumer Ombudsman.



Gå til Newsletter from the Danish Consumer Ombudsman December 2006

14. December 2006

The newsletter this month contains features on the Danish ban on tobacco advertising as well as price quotes in the airline business.

Gå til New Consumer Ombudsman Takes Office

01. November 2006

Henrik Saugmandsgaard Øe has been appointed Consumer Ombudsman in Denmark from 1 November 2006. Henrik Øe takes the seat after Hagen Jørgensen, 70, who now retires from the office he has held for 16 years.

Gå til Newsletter from the Danish Consumer Ombudsman October 2016

25. October 2006

Consumer law also applies to online transactions. With the newsletters below, the DCO brings into focus the legal problems he encountered with Danish online shops and Internet auctions in two investigations this spring.

Gå til Smoked Out: Phillip Morris Fined € 113,000 for Tobacco Ad

10. October 2006

On the 9 October 2006, a city court in central Copenhagen reached a decision which in effect is a landmark success for the Danish Consumer Ombudsman who brought the action.

Gå til Revised guidelines from the Danish Consumer Ombudsman

22. August 2006

This summer. the new Marketing Practices Act took effect. New rules were introduced in regard to covert advertising and marketing activities directed towards children and young people.

Gå til Ryanair Pays for Unlawful Comparative Advertising Campaign

24. April 2006

The low fare airline Ryanair has accepted to pay DKK 70,000 for having acted in breach of the Danish Marketing Practices Act.

Gå til DCO Check-Up: E-Commerce Still a Tricky Business

10. April 2006

15 businesses and their websites have been submitted to close scrutiny by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] to see if the contents were in accordance with the law. All except one failed to meet the standard completely.

Gå til Lowest Bid: Danish Internet Auctions Fail to Observe Marketing Law

08. March 2006

Most Internet auctions fail to meet the test in one way or another when it comes to knowing the law. This is the surprising conclusion reached by DCO staffers following an examination of seven major Danish internet auction sites.

Gå til DCO Staff Sweeps Online Shops as Part of ICPEN Action

08. March 2006

DCO staff was trawling websites on 28 February 2006 to find out just how good Danish e-traders are when it comes to inform their customers about the statutory cooling-off rights.

Gå til Report Paves the Way for Class Action Lawsuits on Behalf of Danish Consumers

21. December 2005

On the 19 December the Danish Administration of Justice Committee submitted its report on class action to the Ministry of Justice in which it recommends that class action as a legal device be implemented into Danish law.