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Find below press releases that have previously been issued by the Consumer Ombudsman.



Gå til Check-up in the Danish Telecom Industry: Many Content Service Providers do not know Relevant Legislation

11. September 2009

Following a TV programme’s revelation of insufficient compliance with the rules on value-added content services, the Telecommunication Industries Association in Denmark (TI) spot-checked a number of providers in the Danish market earlier this year.

Gå til The EU airline sweep: Status on enforcement activities

14. May 2009

Today the EU Commission takes stock of the latest results from the 2007 airline sweep. Many EU consumer authorities have participated in the sweep, including the Consumer Ombudsman in Denmark. Two more companies can now be added to the list of businesses that now comply with Danish legislation.

Gå til Airline carriers and flight booking sites under scrutiny

03. July 2008

13 foreign companies in the airline business came under review for using misleading marketing practices in September 2007 when the Danish Consumer Ombudsman took a closer look at online flight booking facilities. There are irregularities inconsistent with the relevant EU Directives transposed into Danish legislation, says the Ombudsman. He now publishes the names of the websites where problems with pricing and terms of contract persist.

Gå til Mid-term results from joint EU sweep reveal trends in non-compliance in the airline business

08. May 2008

The European consumer authorities are busy investigating and enforcing consumer law in the airline business – and for a very good reason: one third of all the websites checked in the joint airline ticket sweep last September breaches European consumer law. Misleading pricing is the main culprit.

Gå til Airline web sites use misleading price indications

16. October 2007

As part of his involvement in the EU Consumer Protection Cooperation network (CPC), the Danish Consumer Ombudsman recently swept a number of online airline sites in a joint action with his European colleagues. Approximately half the websites failed to comply with the law on central counts such as accurate price indications or terms of contract.

Gå til Collective Redress Mechanisms: the Danish Perspective and the EU Context

21. August 2007

Imagine a telephone company which has billed call rates incorrectly for a period of time – i.e. the standard contract terms for maybe thousands of consumers has been violated. As a result, a large group of customers is eligible for refunds – if potentially only a minor refund.

Gå til ICPEN Campaign Raised Awareness of Online Cancellation Rights

01. August 2007

Consumer confidence and safety are of vital importance if consumers are to fully embrace the opportunities and freedom arising from easy access to the internet and its shopping facilities.

Gå til DCO supervision and work strategy objectives

30. April 2007

In March 2007, the new Danish Consumer Ombudsman Henrik Øe presented his supervision strategy and objectives to the public.

Gå til Recent Anti-spam Judgments: Newsletter from the DCO

06. February 2007

In January 2007 two anti-spam decisions were passed by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

Gå til Newsletter from the Danish Consumer Ombudsman

15. January 2007

Section 9 of the Marketing Practices Act on sales promotions and special offers took effect 1 January 2007. See more about the consequences of this effectuation below.