Find below press releases that have previously been issued by the Consumer Ombudsman.



Check-up in the Danish Telecom Industry: Many Content Service Providers do not know Relevant Legislation

11. September 2009

Following a TV programme’s revelation of insufficient compliance with the rules on value-added content services, the Telecommunication Industries Association in Denmark (TI) spot-checked a number of providers in the Danish market earlier this year.

The EU airline sweep: Status on enforcement activities

14. May 2009

Today the EU Commission takes stock of the latest results from the 2007 airline sweep. Many EU consumer authorities have participated in the sweep, including the Consumer Ombudsman in Denmark. Two more companies can now be added to the list of businesses that now comply with Danish legislation.

Airline carriers and flight booking sites under scrutiny

03. July 2008

13 foreign companies in the airline business came under review for using misleading marketing practices in September 2007 when the Danish Consumer Ombudsman took a closer look at online flight booking facilities. There are irregularities inconsistent with the relevant EU Directives transposed into Danish legislation, says the Ombudsman. He now publishes the names of the websites where problems with pricing and terms of contract persist.

Mid-term results from joint EU sweep reveal trends in non-compliance in the airline business

08. May 2008

The European consumer authorities are busy investigating and enforcing consumer law in the airline business – and for a very good reason: one third of all the websites checked in the joint airline ticket sweep last September breaches European consumer law. Misleading pricing is the main culprit.

Airline web sites use misleading price indications

16. October 2007

As part of his involvement in the EU Consumer Protection Cooperation network (CPC), the Danish Consumer Ombudsman recently swept a number of online airline sites in a joint action with his European colleagues. Approximately half the websites failed to comply with the law on central counts such as accurate price indications or terms of contract.

Collective Redress Mechanisms: the Danish Perspective and the EU Context

21. August 2007

Imagine a telephone company which has billed call rates incorrectly for a period of time – i.e. the standard contract terms for maybe thousands of consumers has been violated. As a result, a large group of customers is eligible for refunds – if potentially only a minor refund.

ICPEN Campaign Raised Awareness of Online Cancellation Rights

01. August 2007

Consumer confidence and safety are of vital importance if consumers are to fully embrace the opportunities and freedom arising from easy access to the internet and its shopping facilities.

DCO supervision and work strategy objectives

30. April 2007

In March 2007, the new Danish Consumer Ombudsman Henrik Øe presented his supervision strategy and objectives to the public.

Recent Anti-spam Judgments: Newsletter from the DCO

06. February 2007

In January 2007 two anti-spam decisions were passed by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

Newsletter from the Danish Consumer Ombudsman

15. January 2007

Section 9 of the Marketing Practices Act on sales promotions and special offers took effect 1 January 2007. See more about the consequences of this effectuation below.

Newsletter from the Danish Consumer Ombudsman

14. December 2006

The newsletter this month contains features on the Danish ban on tobacco advertising as well as price quotes in the airline business.

New Consumer Ombudsman Takes Office

01. November 2006

Henrik Saugmandsgaard Øe has been appointed Consumer Ombudsman in Denmark from 1 November 2006. Henrik Øe takes the seat after Hagen Jørgensen, 70, who now retires from the office he has held for 16 years.

Newsletter from the Danish Consumer Ombudsman

25. October 2006

Consumer law also applies to online transactions. With the newsletters below, the DCO brings into focus the legal problems he encountered with Danish online shops and Internet auctions in two investigations this spring.

Smoked Out: Phillip Morris Fined € 113,000 for Tobacco Ad

10. October 2006

On the 9 October 2006, a city court in central Copenhagen reached a decision which in effect is a landmark success for the Danish Consumer Ombudsman who brought the action.

Revised guidelines from the Danish Consumer Ombudsman

22. August 2006

This summer. the new Marketing Practices Act took effect. New rules were introduced in regard to covert advertising and marketing activities directed towards children and young people.

Ryanair Pays for Unlawful Comparative Advertising Campaign

24. April 2006

The low fare airline Ryanair has accepted to pay DKK 70,000 for having acted in breach of the Danish Marketing Practices Act.

DCO Check-Up: E-Commerce Still a Tricky Business

10. April 2006

15 businesses and their websites have been submitted to close scrutiny by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] to see if the contents were in accordance with the law. All except one failed to meet the standard completely.

Lowest Bid: Danish Internet Auctions Fail to Observe Marketing Law

08. March 2006

Most Internet auctions fail to meet the test in one way or another when it comes to knowing the law. This is the surprising conclusion reached by DCO staffers following an examination of seven major Danish internet auction sites.

DCO Staff Sweeps Online Shops as Part of ICPEN Action

08. March 2006

DCO staff was trawling websites on 28 February 2006 to find out just how good Danish e-traders are when it comes to inform their customers about the statutory cooling-off rights.

Report Paves the Way for Class Action Lawsuits on Behalf of Danish Consumers

21. December 2005

On the 19 December the Danish Administration of Justice Committee submitted its report on class action to the Ministry of Justice in which it recommends that class action as a legal device be implemented into Danish law.

New Marketing Practises Act takes Effect

16. December 2005

Today, the 16 December 2005, the new Danish Marketing Practises Act was passed by the Danish Parliament. A number of changes have made their entry in the new Act, which will take effect next summer.

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman Accepts Peugeot’s Two-Year Guarantee

12. December 2005

Over the past year, the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] has checked up on a number of guarantee terms offered by various makes of car.

Phone Sex Services Cease to Use Dubious Billing Method

07. November 2005

All Danish phone sex service providers have now accepted to abandon a previous billing concept based on calling number display information.

The Danish Supreme Court Reduces Significant Anti-Spam Fine

27. September 2005

On 22 September 2005 the Danish Supreme Court reduced the DKK 2,000,000 spam fine which Debitel, a Danish telecom service supplier, received earlier this year in the Maritime and Commercial Court for disseminating approximately 48,000 unsolicited commercial messages via SMS text messages and email.

Danish Electronics Retailers reported to the Police for Misleading Price Indications

19. September 2005

Advertising material from electronics retail chains abound with promises of big savings but in the real world it is often found wanting on closer inspection.

There is a Limit: New DCO Guideline on Covert Marketing Activities

09. September 2005

Is an article on summer fashion in which one retailer is in focus an example of undercover marketing? If the fashion retailer pays to get mentioned, it certainly is, says the DCO Hagen Joergensen.

Viasat Judgment: Termination Terms Unfair

05. September 2005

Termination terms binding consumers for another twelve months if they fail to give due notice conflict with the Danish Marketing Practises Act. This is the outcome so far of a judgment rendered recently by the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

Danish Phone Sex Service Provider Convicted

25. July 2005

The Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen has put an end to the billing methods used by providers of phone sex services.

Fresh Fruit on a Non-Commercial Basis

25. July 2005

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] hopes that Danish children will continue to consume fresh fruit every day – even if the healthy food is now delivered without commercial messages.

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman: Flight booking is a tax jungle

25. July 2005

Fuel charges, state taxes and reservation fees: there are a lot of ways of saying that the discount fares offered by the flight carriers are not as cheap as they appear at first sight. This is the conclusion of a report recently released by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO].

Danish Publisher to Put an End to Fortune-teller Fraud

09. May 2005

Mailbox Media, publisher of a Danish mail order catalogue distributed nationwide, has now assured the Danish Consumer Ombudsman that no more ads promoting the "famous" fortune-teller Marie France will appear from the catalogue.

The Nordic Consumer Ombudsmen inform the FTC about US travel scams

02. May 2005

Beware of handing out credit card information to American travel agents!

New Nordic Guideline: Ethical and Environmental Marketing Claims

19. April 2005

24 February 2005 saw the release of a new guideline on ethical and environmental marketing claims – the latest of joint guidelines issued by the Nordic Consumer Ombudsmen.

Major Danish Retailer reported for Misleading Price Information

19. April 2005

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman [ DCO] has reported a major player in the Danish retail market, Coop Denmark, to the police for use of misleading price information in their Christmas catalogue in 2004.

Danish Telecommunications Service Provider Fined DKK 2,000,000 for Distributing Spam

09. April 2005

Today the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen rendered a judgement on what it should cost the Danish telecom supplier Debitel to send unsolicited marketing messages by email and SMS to roughly 48,000 recipients without having obtained prior consent.

Fraud Galore in February

09. March 2005

The February scams campaign has now come to a close. Throughout the month consumers forwarded their scams to the Danish Consumer Ombudsman’s special fraud mailbox.

Telia pledges to stop friend recruitment scheme

07. March 2005

Telia can no longer make use of children and young people below 18 to recruit new subscribers for Telia Mobile without their parents’ consent. This is the central message of Telia’s commitment to the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [ DCO] .

The DCO Calls for Clear Marketing of Discount Fares

07. March 2005

"If you have fewer than twenty cheap tickets for sale per day, then make it clear!" This is one of the messages aired by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] in a newly released guideline on marketing of flight tickets.

VIASAT concedes to pay for unsolicited telephone sales calls

23. February 2005

VIASAT has agreed to pay DKK 210,000 (€28,000) fine for attempting to sell subscriptions to consumers who had not asked to be called.

New DCO Spam Guideline

17. February 2005

On the 27 January, the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] published a new guideline on section 6a of the Danish Marketing Practises Act, also known as the "spam rule".

Spam Charges laid against Two Danish Companies

16. February 2005

On 20 October 2004 the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] laid an information against two Danish companies for their distribution of unsolicited commercial messages.

ICPEN Europe Fights Commercial Clairvoyants

21. December 2004

ICPEN Europe has now started a joint action against the activities of Maria Duval and all connected products and request the responsible companies in 9 countries to stop the misleading advertising immediately. Consumer agencies will also attempt to stop the violations through others who materially contribute to the marketing.

Best Practice in the Telecommunications Industry

21. December 2004

On 13 December 2004, the Danish Consumer Ombudsman [DCO] issued a guideline concerning best practise in the telecommunications industry. The guideline lays down the principles to be observed by business and trade in connection to price information, customer service and general purchase terms and conditions relating to telecom equipment and telephones.

DKK 400,000 for distributing advertising letters by fax/spam

22. April 2004

Today, the Maritime and Commercial Court of Copenhagen rendered a decision on the cost of distributing somewhere between 7,650 and 15,300 advertising letters by fax without the recipient's consent. The fine amounted to DKK 400,000.

International Network Sweeps the Internet for Fast Money

12. April 2004

The crackdown on internet scams continues as the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network targets websites that are 'Too Good to be True' as part of the International Internet Sweep. Over the next three days 24 ICPEN consumer protection agencies will probe the internet to uncover shonky websites which mislead consumers.

Initiative to Secure Proper Trading and Marketing on the Internet

08. September 2003

The Nordic consumer ombudsmen together have made a number of recommendations as to how enterprises should behave when they market their products on the Internet.

International Database against Fraud on the Internet

08. September 2003

Internet trade can easily be carried through across the borders. However, a consumer who wants to complain about misconduct on the Internet has up till now encountered many difficulties in connection with complaining across the national border.

International Search of the Internet to Reveal Fraud

08. September 2003

October 16, 1997 Marketing authorities all over the World are searching the web to reveal illegal and unethical marketing procedures. The Danish Consumer Ombudsman is part of the team.

International Marketing Supervision Network (IMSN) and its Findings on Cross-border Remedies

08. September 2003

After discussions and exchanges of views at its October 2000 meeting, the International Marketing Supervision Network (IMSN), being an informal forum for marketing enforcers from 29 countries, concluded that there are several areas where the ability of IMSN members collectively to protect consumers and foster consumer confidence is limited.

Dutch Company Selling Bulbs in Denmark is Fined DKK 100,000

08. September 2003

March 17, 1997. Misleading and incorrect information, illegal competitions and collateral gifts have resulted in a fine of dkk. 100.000 to "Bakker Holland" a company selling bulbs.

Danish Company Convicted in Anti-spam Case

08. September 2003

Last week the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court convicted and fined a Danish software company $2,200 for sending out 156 unsolicited commercial e-mails and faxes.