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Price information

The intention behind including the rules on price indications in the Marketing Practices Act is to simplify the area in order to make it easier for business and trade to get a clear overview of the legal regulation of price indications and marketing.

The rules only apply to commercial supply of goods and services. Section 13 covers price indications and information, section 14 applies to credit purchases and section 16 deals with organised discounts.

The objective of price indications is to provide the consumers with correct price information presented in a clear, relevant and transparent manner. Price indications make it possible for the consumers to compare different products of the same sort and offered for sale at different traders. Correct price indications thereby facilitate efficient competition in the market.

Consumers are entitled to get price information when goods and services are offered for sale online, cf. section 13(1 and 2)

Price information is mandatory where antiquities and objects of art are offered for sale, cf. section 13(1)

Price information is mandatory where services are offered for sale to consumers, cf. section 13(2).

The rules on price information also apply to oral price information, cf. section 13(3).

Consumers are entitled to receive an itemised invoice for services carried out as per account rendered, cf. section 13(4).

Section 14(1) sets out that the annual credit percentage costs should be indicated in as prominent a manner as other credit costs on purchasing on credit

When organised discounts are obtainable for goods and services, it should be clearly indicated at the business premises, cf. section 16.

Supervision of the rules on price indications has been re-introduced.

Along with the above rules on correct price indications, trade and business is still required to comply with section 3(1) of the Marketing Practices Act on misleading and unreasonably incomplete price information.

See the guideline on price information and marketing.

See sections 13-14 and 16 of the Marketing Practices Act.