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Organised discounts

Section 16 sets out that the availability of organised discounts must be indicated for both goods and services.

Organised discounts may be provided in the form of reductions or other advantages/benefits to members of associations, organisations or other specified groups of people. Indications and display of prices must take place in accordance with the guidelines set out in the regulations on display of organised discounts. The regulations apply to both traders and service providers operating in physical stores. The regulation only apply to goods, but its principles also apply to the display of prices on services.

Display or posting must appear prominently to make the information stated easy to read. Online stores must provide information about groups eligible for organised discount and the size of the discount in connection with price indications. A list containing the goods and service covered by the arrangement concerning organised discount as well as the size of the discount must be available on request.

See section 16 of the Marketing Practises Act.