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ICPEN and ICPEN Europe

In step with the increasingly global nature of commercial practices and the Internet, the DCO has stepped up efforts to cooperate as much as possible with consumer protection enforcement agencies worldwide in recent years.

ICPEN or the International Consumer Protection Enforcement Network, founded 1992 and presently consisting of more than 40 countries worldwide, including the Nordic countries, the USA, Canada, Australia etc., is one of these forums. It works to combat dubious cross-border marketing activities, and to make it easier to take legal action against offenders, among other things.

See the ICPEN memorandum and protocol ( 

ICPEN Europe was founded in 1999 as a European forum for national authorities responsible for the implementation of European consumer law. Members of this forum discuss viewpoints and look for joint ways to approach problems which may arise from the implementation of harmonised European law.

You can find more information about Danish national activities in the years from 2005-2012 in the reports below: