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The Consumer Ombudsman is highly involved in consumer protection enforcement activities in the EU.

The EU Regulation on Consumer Protection Cooperation (CPC)

The Danish Consumer Ombudsman is appointed central enforcement authority and is also the national liaison office under the abovementioned Regulation. This means that the DCO is responsible for how the Regulation is applied and for the coordination of contact between a number of Danish authorities and the EU. 

The regulation is applicable to violations of EC directives as implemented in national law and regulations which protect the collective rights of consumers.

This means that all Member States appoint authorities to undertake obligations under the regulation. These must be public authorities with the competence to enforce consumer protection legislation, i.e. that they have the right to require relevant papers and documents, to request extra information, to demand or issue an injunction following a violation, to have funds and means confiscated etc.

This means that if a private enterprise from another EU member country, say France, violates one of the EU acts included under the Regulation in Denmark, the competent authority in Denmark may request the corresponding authority in France to see to it that the violation ceases to occur - and vice versa.

See the legal text of the EU Regulation on Consumer Protection Cooperation (

Enforcement activities under the regulation

The Consumer Ombudsman takes part in the joint investigation of problems known to occur in all Member States, also knowns as 'sweeps'. 'Sweeps' are internet-based investigations which typically highligt problems in specific sectors.

2012 - Websites selling games, books, videos and music which can be downloaded

2011 - Websites offering consumer credit online

2010 - Tickets for cultural events and sports events

2009 - Electronic goods

2008 - Mobile phone content services

2007 - Airline tickets

You can find more information about the abovementioned sweeps at the DG Health and Consumer's website (