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Marketing Practices Act


In this section you can find a walkthrough of some of the most important rules set out in the Danish Marketing Practices Act.

The principle of good marketing practice
Good marketing practice in section 1 remains a central standard to be met by all businesses in consideration for consumers and general public interest.
Section 2 of the Act lays down its field of application. The Act applies to private business activities; however, it also applies to the so-called liberalised services in the public sector.
Section 4 sets out that advertising should be clearly distinguishable as such regardless of form and medium of transmission.

Children and young people

The Marketing Practices Act contains a very explicit provision on marketing activities targeted to children and young people.

Sales promotions and special offers

Section 9 on sales promotions took effect 1 January 2007. 

Fee levying

Section 15 of the Marketing Practices Act regulates the access to modify existing fees and introduce new one in an ongoing contractual relationship.

Price information

The intention behind including the rules on price indications in the Marketing Practices Act is to simplify the area in order to make it easier for business and trade to get a clear overview of the legal regulation of price indications and marketing.

Mandatory information and credit purchases

Section 14 sets out that specific information must be provided to the consumers in the event that they are offered the opportunity to purchase a product or service on credit.

Organised discounts

Section 16 sets out that the availability of organised discounts must be indicated for both goods and services.