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International cooperation


Find information about the Danish Consumer Ombudsman's international work and partners. International exchange of information remains an important source of inspiration for the DCO in his work.

Nordic cooperation
The Danish Consumer Ombudsman works closely together with his Scandinavian colleagues. The similarities in Nordic marketing law, and the way in which it is administrated owe ...
The Consumer Ombudsman is highly involved in consumer protection enforcement activities in the EU. 
In step with the increasingly global nature of commercial practices and the Internet, the DCO has stepped up efforts to cooperate as much as possible with consumer protection enforcement agencies worldwide in recent years.


On this page you can find more information about the DCO's involvement in the OECD. The DCO is national contact point in Denmark in relation to the 'Cross-border Fraud Guidelines'.

International combat against spam

The Consumer Ombudsman is involved in the international combat against spam via his participation London Action Plan.